The Whole Picture

When you watch your favorite TV drama or big screen hit, don’t you just love the beautifully composed shots that are used? Most images seem perfectly put together, even when the scene is meant to look out of order and chaotic. So much attention to detail is used to ensure that what is in the foreground and background seamlessly blends in and compliments whatever the main subjects are doing.

This insanely flawless look doesn’t happen by accident. For the larger productions, dozens of people are constantly questioning the position of everything in the camera’s frame of vision, all the way down to the most minute detail. Vince Gilligan, the director of “Breaking Bad”, a popular AMC Network TV show, said that he spent hours setting up the appliances and kitchenware for a scene that only lasted a couple of minutes between two main characters in the final episode.

The same attention to detail should be given to every video that you produce, no matter how large or small. The video production team here at Vista has an exceptionally good eye when it comes to placing items that will help your message throughout the entire frame. Not only does the on-screen talent need to represent your company as optimally as possible, but the area that they are placed in, the space behind and in front of them, and any company logos or background action need to be taken into account so that your vision doesn’t become tainted by an oddball piece of equipment that doesn’t belong.

It really is about the little things, and even though Northwest Arkansas isn’t Hollywood, it’s good to know that you can get that same attention to detail with your video crew when you hire Vista Productions.

– Sam McDonald
Vista Productions, Video Producer