Vista’s Video Break-Down

Why would I hire a video production company?

Let’s just clear the air on something: making videos is extremely easy, and anyone can do it. Right now, you could pull your phone out of your pocket, pick a subject (a cat, more than likely,) and get a full, high definition video of it. In fact, you probably already do this on a regular basis. You can then upload that video to the Internet, burn it to a DVD, or share it with your friends at a party. It’s just not that complicated.

Unless you need that video to stand out amongst the rest and have people (who don’t have a unique interest in your cat,) watch it, this is becoming an increasingly difficult objective to achieve.

Check out these chest-thumping stats that YouTube provides for a little gravity on just how much video is flying around the web.

We as a society, have viewed so much content via the Internet, movies, television, NetFlix, etc., that we have developed a very acute sense of standards when it comes to our videos. When you click play, you generally know within a fragment of a second what standard of quality that video was produced at. You then form an opinion about what that video is representing. If the video is a homemade piece about an adorable puppy that somehow becomes viral, your subconscious is going to forgive the fact that it was shot on an i-Phone. However, if a prominent business releases a new product video that looks like it was shot in the same fashion, it would absolutely destroy any credibility the viewer was going to give to that product or the company that made it.

The very cool angle to this whole industry is that it is getting easier to capture very high-quality images at more affordable prices. If you wanted to produce a sixty second, national-level commercial thirty years ago, you would be looking at investing hundreds of thousands of dollars. It can now be done at a fraction of that and the final product actually looks better.

But again, your viewers can quickly identify a ‘good’ video, a ‘great’ video, and a ‘hands-down-OMG-I’m-buying-that-product-right-now,’ video. With the ever-growing number of video production companies in Northwest Arkansas and throughout the Midwest, it’s important to know the companies that have a very solid track-record in creating top-notch content, with years of experience in doing so. It takes more than just a digital camera and an editing program to create the good stuff. Proper lighting, signal flow, color grading, audio mastering, graphics: these are the things that make people glad that they clicked on your video, and we at Vista Productions are proud to specialize in bringing your vision to the forefront of the masses.

– Sam McDonald,
Video Producer
Vista Productions