Three Questions to Ask – Before Making a Video

Videos are a great vehicle for delivering your message or story. They allow multiple ideas to be presented in a way that’s easy to understand and they can create a strong and immediate impact on viewers. The challenge comes with producing a video that accomplishes everything you need for as little time and money as possible. Maximize the impact of your videos by asking yourself these three questions:

What is the message?

A lot of people are asked to create a video about a certain subject without being given a clear idea about the desired outcome. Knowing who you want to feature is great, but it’s more important to know the message you want to leave with viewers. Once you know the intent of the video, you can boil down all the little aspects into a single, consolidated message that has a purpose.

  • Keep in mind that everything done in the video has to support your message; to get the most from a video, you have to make sure everyone is on the same page about your goals.

Who is the audience?

There are a lot of different ways for a video to be released and each type will add a different aspect to the production. If you’re releasing an internal training video, using technical terms and company jargon is completely acceptable and often necessary. On the other hand, if you’re releasing a video on social media, including language and abbreviations specific to the company will not be effective.

  • Define your audience from the beginning so you can be sure you’re targeting them appropriately.

What is the budget?

There is a lot of variance these days, in terms of cost, concerning the quality of video projects. If you want to produce a 30-second video, your expense could range from a $2 million Michael Bay full-on feature, to a $200 shoe-string budget production. Be specific with your production company about what your budget is and make sure you’re getting the most for your money. When choosing a production company, don’t just pick the lowest price. Since you don’t know the ways they’re going to discount you, a lower price isn’t always the best choice.

  • Find a well-seasoned production company that will work with you to get the most from your budget.

Clearly defining these three things in the beginning stages of a project will help you and your production company make important decisions about your video. Knowing the message, audience and budget will help determine things such as what crew and equipment are needed to successfully complete the project. Ensure the success of your video by working with your production company to define these aspects before the camera starts rolling.

– Sam McDonald