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Defining Your Story

Getting ahead of yourself in the creative process is easy to do but can present many problems for your final video. Once you’ve gone through the steps of writing a script and coming up with visual ideas, it can be very difficult to change course. While planning a video is an exciting process, defining a story is something that some people never really think about. By developing an end-goal for a video, you’re more likely to produce a video that achieves its purpose.


Determine Your Message

“What’s my story?” is the question that everyone should ask themselves when they’re trying to tell people something through video. In every message that’s being delivered, the entire point of what you’re trying to say should be able to be boiled down into a single statement. Let’s say you’ve got a chocolate company and you want to tell people that you only use the best coco beans from Peruvian collectors, that your grandfather started it in 1846 and you create all the packaging from recycled paper bags. All of that information can be boiled down to a single statement – “ABC Chocolates is a family owned, environmentally friendly company with the highest standards of quality.” Take a big, complex idea, take out all the unnecessary elements and you’ll be left with your message.


Know what the story isn’t

When it comes to video, the story drives your message, which in turn drives your content. When telling a story, it’s easy to get distracted with other ideas and directions. Keeping your goals in mind will help keep you on track. You can have a lot of really cool things that you thought of for visuals or content. However, if you don’t have a clearly defined message to focus on while telling your story you won’t know if you’re accomplishing anything. Don’t let really crazy shots or an interesting aspect distract from the story you’re actually trying to tell.


What’s going to make people care?

All videos can be divided into two categories: functional or emotional. You either want somebody to learn something pragmatic, or you want them to feel an emotional connection to something. No matter what category of video you’re producing, you have to have an overall message that will make people care. Ask yourself why it’s important for people to watch the video and let that answer drive your message. While getting people to watch the video is important, it’s useless without getting them to react in the way you want them to. Do you want them to visit your store and purchase your products? Do you want them to implement a new training technique? Whatever your reason, keep it in mind while planning your video and you’ll be more likely to produce an effective product.


Without a clearly defined story, your video will likely not produce the desired results. Doing pre-production and allowing yourself to establish a clear goal will ensure that your video is a success.

-Sam McDonald

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