Live Event Production: Why We Do What We Do

The other day we welcomed our Summer Interns to Vista Productions by taking them to lunch at the best Mexican Restaurant in town. Over chips and salsa our interns began to share with us their stories and what they were looking forward to the most about learning over the summer.

Most of the Vista leadership was there and, as the interns finished sharing, it was clear that we were all inspired by their youthful vision and optimism.

One by one, we began to tell stories about when we were new to the industry. When we were trying really hard and making those good mistakes. You know, the mistakes that weren’t so funny at the time but you learned so much from. Most of the stories were funny, some introspective, but all of them remembered with passion.

And then it hit me; this is why we do what we do. We love Live Event Production. We love the challenging and unforgiving nature of the Live Show. How the margin for error is slim. But how we’ve learned to consistently deliver a great show. We love the high end audio and lights, projections on huge screens, stages that could support an elephant, beautiful designs, videos and all the other elements that were created out of thin air to make our clients look great! We love hearing that this is the best show they’ve ever had; “one for the record books!”

We genuinely love to create and produce the most exceptional live events for our clients because…that’s why we do what we do!


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