Embrace the Colored Sharpies!!


sharpiesMy daughters love to draw. They can sit for hours using crayons, pens and even Sharpies to help them create fantastic images of magical landscapes and other-worldly creatures. And there’s usually lots of pink…so you can see how they were pretty blown away by a package that arrived the other day from their grandmother. It was a box of Sharpies in every color in the rainbow including lots of PINK. I had no idea that Sharpie made this many colors but whoever is in charge of product development over there definitely gets it! They’ve managed to make a good product even better by listening to their customers.


Change is a constant

And just like the makers of Sharpies, Live Event Production has seen its fair amount of changes through the years. Gone are the days of just “getting everyone together for a meeting”. Companies now want to engage employees, energize sales teams, turbo-launch new products and entertain in a way that might put Vegas to shame. Clients are now anticipating that their Live Event Production partner will be as high performing as they are in their respective industries.


Live Event Production PLUS Creative Services = big win for the Client!

The big differentiator out there right now is in the Creative input a Production Company brings to the table when discussing events with their clients. Live events usually reinforce a company’s vision for their brand. Events that support this vision in a creative, compelling, entertaining and engaging way become big wins for the Client.

At Vista, we offer a wide variety of Creative Services including: Graphic Design, Content Development, Video Production, Theme and Concept Development, Environmental Design (integrated set, lighting, projection, audio, special effects), Script Development & Story Boarding.

What ends up happening when you combine traditional Live Event Production and Creative Services is a refocus back to the original vision of the Client. You, as the Client, stop asking “how many lights and speakers do I need to pay for?” and begin to ask “how can we do this in the most exciting way possible?!”.

After all, if it can’t be fun then why do it? Embrace the colored Sharpies and let Creative Services work for you!

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