Onething 2015 – Production Spotlight

SHOW: Onething 2015
DATE: December 28 – 31, 2015
VENUE: Bartle Hall, Kansas City, Missouri

Recently we were a part of a great event in downtown Kansas City called “Onething 2015”. We took a lot of footage and made this video just for your enjoyment!

Onething is billed as a 4 day worship conference with live bands and speakers throughout. We were able to provide full live production support: Audio, Video, Lighting, Creative. We worked closely with our client’s Video Team who was responsible for all camera work. In addition to the live crowd on site, there were about 300,000 – 500,000 people that tuned in through web streaming.

A big change to this event was 5 vertical screens that served as a backdrop to the stage. What this allowed us to do is give unique looks to each musical group and each presenter. In fact, we could change the look and feel of each individual song.

We’re really proud of how this show turned out and hope you enjoy the video tour!

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