3 Ways Creative Services Will Improve Your Next Meeting

Are you ready to kick your meetings up a notch to make them more entertaining and memorable? Would you like your attendees to remember more of the content you delivered at your events?

Well, help for the meeting planner is just a paradigm shift away. Creating compelling meetings that offer entertaining and engaging content, in a visually stimulating way, doesn’t have to be a mystery. A great production company that offers Creative Services can make your life easier, and the entire meeting a lot more fun. How?

Here are 3 ways a good Creative Services team can help make your next event amazing:

1. Content Creation – Everyone has a lot to say at their meetings. After all, your company has allotted a significant budget to get everyone in a room together and you want to have the best return on that investment. But cramming massive amounts of content onto every slide, every video, every soundbite, might not be as effective as you think. Remember, less is more. Content for your event needs to be coordinated and concise. There should be no mystery as to what the meeting is about and what you want your attendees to learn before they leave. You can accomplish this through several content vehicles.

  • Script writing – never underestimate the power of a well written script for your presenters. Develop a great script and have your presenters practice the delivery. Consider adding a presidential teleprompter to your list of audio visual needs to aid in a smoother delivery for the presenters on your stage.
  • Slides – PowerPoint or Keynote are still very much mainstays for presentations. But remember, they are visual aids to a well-crafted script and delivery. Everything spoken from the stage doesn’t need to be on the slides.
  • Video – Creating interesting, educational and entertaining video is the norm for live events. But, as video has become the norm, the audiences’ demand for well-produced video content is increasing. Video production is another complete thought process on its own, but to be concise, make sure your video content is as high quality as possible while staying in line with your overall meeting theme.
  • Graphic Elements – Great graphics are at the very center of all event marketing and design. Make sure your graphic designer is creating imagery that is in line with your vision for the event.

2. Set Design – As humans, we are very much influenced by visually pleasing environments. And, as far as we know, there isn’t a rule that says your meeting must be as dull and unappealing as possible. So, the creation of your Set Design needs to be a priority. Your set needs to offer the best showcase to your content and is often modular or reconfigurable for different needs, throughout the entire run of your show. Set design is typically broken down into these elements

  • Stage Design – Your stage is your “palate” for the entire event. Your stage should be engaging, relevant and modular to your needs throughout the run of show.
  • Lighting Design – Designing a lighting system for a corporate event can be tricky. You want to provide all the movement, flash and innovation of a rock show. But you also need to make sure that your presenters look the best they can from the stage through even and bright stage washes. A great Lighting Designer can create many different environments through great lighting design, to complement the branding of your event.
  • Sound Design – Not the kind in the movies. We’re referring to a properly designed sound system. Usually your event will be in a meeting space such as a convention center or ballroom. Great acoustics are usually pretty low on the architects list of priorities when these spaces are designed. So your first defense against a poor sounding room is the actual design of the audio system placement. Never underestimate the impact good audio can have on a person’s ability to engage and retain the information you are presenting. People will still watch a poor-quality video if the sound is good. Why would it be any different with a live presentation? Keep your audience engaged by clear, controlled sound.

3. Show Producer – A show producer can be with you from the first day that you contact your production company partner. They can guide the overall vision keeping the creative process on track with your messaging. They can oversee content creation and set design. And they can help manage the entire cadence of the event. If you’re wanting to develop your productions into well-coordinated, polished affairs consider the use of a Show Producer. They’re worth their weight in gold.

Creative Services might just be the kick your next event needs. Allow your attendees to be “wowed” and watch them engage and retain your information. What a fantastic ROI!

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