5 Reasons Why Great Live Event Production Matters

Through the years I’ve been a part of many live event productions as a technician, production manager, or similar role. From this objective vantage point I learned how to stay in “overview mode” while observing the entire room. I saw how companies represented their brand, what the “look and feel” of the show was, how people reacted to the event and what was communicated to the audience. And here’s what I noticed: “Brand perception begins with great Production at live events”.

In light of this, I’ve listed 5 reasons why Great Live Event Production should matter to you in all of your Live Events.


1. Brand Reinforcement – Creating an “everyone sells” culture is the new lean and mean reality of many organizations. So, that concept should flow to your internal Shows and Events team. By executing top-notch production at events such as your Annual Sales Meetings or Awards Dinners, you are reinforcing to your employees that excellence matters. And, how much more important is great production if your meeting is focused on customers? If I’m a guest at a “Customer Summit” or “Training Seminar”, I could be converted to a life-long customer just by the fantastic experience I had at this one event. People want to work for and buy from those who create excitement.

2. Transparency – Not the kind that politicians promise…When you attend a live event you should be completely engrossed in the content of the show. You should never really notice the production elements like: audio speakers, lights, projectors, etc. All of these items should be used in such a way that enhances the content, while never distracting from the vision. Find a Production Provider that understands how to use their technology to your advantage.

3. Value – Your attendees have made great effort to get there. You should give them the best meeting that you can. In the same way that you pick great key-note speakers, you should partner with a Production Company that can not only offer the best Show Technology, but can seamlessly integrate Creative Services into your Event.  At Vista, we see Creative Services as the future of Live Production, with offerings in video production, theme and concept development, environmental design (integrated set, lighting, projection, audio, special effects), speaker and presenter support, creative content development, and graphic design. A Production Company that comes to the table ready to help you create, is an extremely valuable asset.

4. Leadership – This is a word that gets tossed around in the business world a little too often. But most true leaders create actions that reinforce what they say. If you are trying to communicate excellence and brand superiority, then reinforce these concepts with the execution of seamless and impacting live events. You don’t have to be an expert in Live Production. You just have to have a Production partner who is as passionate about what they do as you are about your brand.

5. Priorities, priorities, priorities – Planning a meeting can be a daunting task, full of many moving parts and decisions. It can be difficult to “keep the main thing the main thing”. But just remember that the entire reason you’re having the meeting is to communicate a piece of your vision, or brand, and instill that vision to your attendees. The good news is that communication to a large group can be a lot of fun!

These ideas are just the “jumping off point” for the discussion about better Production. Many smaller businesses don’t need all of the “bells and whistles” of large events. But most growing companies eventually have to consider better production as a way to increase business and drive public perception. If you are great then don’t be afraid to look great too!

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