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Project Overview

EVENT: State of the Arts Summit
VENUE: Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, AR

A creative production designed to capture every guest’s attention making them feel part of the meeting

We were tasked with designing the stage and room layout, a backdrop for the stage, and capturing, editing, and creating video for posterity and redistribution.

We started with creating a room layout that helped people in the back of the room feel just as connected as the people in the front row. To achieve the more intimate feel that our client was looking for, we created a tiered riser system to give the perception that attendees were closer to the action. To encourage dialogue and conversation, we chose a seating layout of “pods” that had five swivel chairs and a small coffee table in the center. This made it comfortable and easy to follow the presenter, discuss topics, and turn to hear audience questions.

Designing a backdrop for an art museum is no small task. We wanted to design a piece that helped create a cohesive event theme, allowed for sponsor branding, and wouldn’t inhibit the view of the beautiful design and architecture of Crystal Bridges. Tho achieve these three key design factors we utilized a flown acrylic backdrop. We played off of the theme design to create a backdrop that was a statement piece that didn’t distract or overpower.

We proposed capturing the general sessions as more of a documentary, a chance to help tell the presenters’ stories.In addition to this we were able to create a unique IMAG show as well as a separate program cut specifically for posting on Crystal Bridges’ various outlets.

Several rooms throughout the museum were utilized for this event and required a program feed of the general session. We used the museum’s local network to broadcast a program feed where needed. Guests and staff could enjoy the general session in HD audio and video.

The overall event included two dinners (at two different locations) and the meeting. We provided three separate teams managed by a lead producer so that each area had our undivided attention. the client was thrilled with every aspect we touched.

We believe that it is important to become an extension of the client’s team. In this case it was imperative. The museum hired an outside firm to handle invitations, credentialing and program content, while their team focused on all other logistics. There were a lot of hands involved. Being able to manage our time with each group, complete deadlines, and fulfill all of our promises was always at the forefront of our minds.

I cannot get over how every detail of this production was carefully considered and executed – from planning to load-in to set up to execution to clean up and load-out. We are all just glowing here today in response to our guests’ reactions to the Summit.Tracy L. Cude, Chief Financial Officer, Crystal Bridges
Vista Productions, Producer

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  • I truly have never worked with a group of professionals so willing to help, always there when we need something, and going above and beyond to make sure everything is just right.J.S.
  • I have never worked with any vendor in whom I have more confidence.J.L.
  • Everyone was accommodating, flexible, responsive and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to working with you again. C.K.
  • Vista met or exceeded our expectations on everything they did. S.P.
  • We certainly would consider you for any future events and will highly recommend you to everyone. L.R.
  • Your team was polite and efficient, going out of their way to be sure everything was perfect. Thank you for a job well done! B.M.

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