Case Study

Vista/Stage Pro

Project Overview

EVENT: Flatlands Festival
VENUE: Children’s Mercy Park, Kansas City, KS

A comprehensive staging and technology solution within a challenging environment

With this project we were faced with the following challenges:

  • Asymmetrical overhand of the roof with rigging heights that vary from 55′-90′ over the stage area.
  • Provide a consistent experience for audience on the field level to the VIP Suites at over 60′ up.
  • Due to sight line issues we could not use any type of ground support towers for the grid structure.
  • The venue roof overhang barely covered stage area and was at 90′ offering no rain protection.
  • After removal of bleachers, concrete stage area was only 3′ above field level.
  • Rigging to building can only be done with a large lift and would require one full day of pre rigging.

We addressed these issues with the following solutions:

  • We flew a 65’x55′ peaked roof frame at a height of 45′ above the stage with a set of 2 ton hoists with load cell monitoring. This allowed all rigging by artists to be timely during their respective load ins. This concept also allowed trim height to be determined on site to optimize rain protection for the stage area.
  • We created audio points with 3D I-tube truss to span the building outer points to achieve audio trim height within building load limits to cover the VIP Suites while keeping sight lines open for the general seating areas.
  • We added a 3′ tall 60’x40′ stage to the center of the concrete area to create a 6′ tall stage area while leaving the support work areas less visible