Case Study

Vista/Stage Pro

Project Overview

EVENT: Projection for Film Shoot
VENUE: Municipal Auditorium Exhibition Hall, Kansas City, MO

Video projection rental solution for our client while remaining within their budget and vision

Our client on this project is a high end video production firm from Texas who came to us with their complete vision ready and story-boarded out. Their request from us was some sort of large format projection wall for imagery that would be playing while they filmed their subject.

We agreed on the shape and and size of the screens and then went about designing a solution that would work within the parameters of the venue.

The client wanted their imagery projected edge to edge behind their subject. Edge to edge imagery on screen is impossible within a rear project scenario. Front projection was the direction we had to go, so we built 2 scaff towers to support the large format projectors for each screen surface. We needed enough height to project over the subject so that we didn’t have a shadow on the screens.

We then blended the imagery across the two surfaces to make one image as needed.

Overall the backdrop look fantastic and the client was happy.

This was a fun project for a great client. Take a look at the finished product in the video above.

behind the camera with the production team

large format projectors were placed on scaff towers to get the angle

prepping the set

images were blended between projectors